There is a growing problem with Spam and Junk E-mail on the internet. Nearly all ISPs have a policy about abuse on their system. Below are the contacts for select ISPs to report Spam or Junk E-mail sent via their service.


The generally preferred method of reporting abuse is to forward the offending e-mail to the contact listed, make no modifications and include all header information. A brief comment on why you feel the e-mail was offensive can be included at the top of the forwarded message.

If you need to contact about spam that you are receiving, please contact us at

Recommendations to Prevent Spam

When forwarding an email you might want to clean it up before sending it on. Reading headers from forwarded emails is becoming one of the most common sources for spam emailers. This is a completely legal means for them to obtain email addresses.
How it works: You and 9 other people receive an email, you then forward this to 10 other people. Each of them can see the header with the email addresses of all 20 previous recipients. At some point this email is sent to someone that is collecting addresses to sell to spammers. Most people do not know who this is, but this person now has your email address.

How to protect yourself:

Tell everyone you send emails to, to delete all headers before forwarding.
Delete all headers yourself before forwarding
Use BCC (blind carbon copy) when sending to multiple recipients. This suppresses the list.

Using Outlook Express to Block Spam

With Outlook Express, you can block email from certain individuals or set up rules to help you block spam from getting to your inbox.

To see how to set up Outlook Express to do this, click here.



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