Setting Up Multiple Email Accounts with Netscape Communicator 4.6

1.  From your desktop, click on the Start Button.

2.  Click on the Folder named "Netscape Communicator".

3.  Click on the Folder named "Utilities".

     a. Allow the User Profile Manager to open, then click on "New".

     b.  Read information about the User Profile Manager, then click "Next".

     c.  Enter the Full Name of the person who will be using this profile, (for example: Joe Smith) and their email address (joe@safe-t-net), then click "Next".

     d.  Click "Next" to use the persons name as the profile name and to use the default storage location.

     e.  Enter "" for the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server.  Click "Next" to continue.

     f.  Enter your mail server User Name (This is the first part of your email address, so if your email address is, you would enter "joe".

     g.  Enter "" for the Incoming Mail Server Name.

     h.  Make sure the Mail Server type is set to "POP3", then click "Next".

      i.  Enter " " for the News (NNTP) Server, then click on "Finish".


4.  Netscape will now automatically open with the profile that you just created. You will then have to configure the browser settings for the browser to work. To do this just follow the simple steps below:

  • First change the home page. Select edit from the menu, then preferences, then navigator and type in the box titled "Location", under Home Page  –


5.  You are now done configuring the browser, hit the "OK" button to exit the preferences, click on "File" and then  exit Netscape.


If you need to create additional profiles simply follow the instruction again. If you do not need to set up any additional profiles and you are finished, simply close out all of the folders to get back to your desktop.



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