Setting Up Multiple Email Accounts with Netscape Communicator

1. From your desktop, click on the Start Button.

2. Click on Folder named "Netscape Communicator".

3. Click on the folder named "User Profile Manager".

  • Allow the User Profile Manager to open, then click on the next button.
  • Read information about user profile manager, then click next.
  • Enter name for profile (for example: "Joe Smith") and email address ( , then click next.
  • Click next to use the person’s name you just entered as the profile name.
  • Click next to use the default system folder for mail.
  • Click done to create the profile.

Netscape will now automatically open with the profile that you just created. You will then have to configure the setting for the browser and the mail to work. To do this just follow the simple steps below:

  • First change the home page. Select edit from the menu, then preferences, then navigator and type in the space titled "Home page Location" –
  • Next click on the arrow beside " Mail & Groups " and from the drop down menu select the "identity " tab and enter the following in the "Reply to Address" –
  • Next click "servers" from the drop down menu for Mail & Groups and enter the following information:

Mail Server User Name: (for example) joe

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Server –

Incoming Mail Server –

Then click on the "More Options" button in the lower right hand corner to tell Netscape to save your password for this email account and to set up how often you want to have Netscape automatically check for mail and also what sound to play to let you know that there is new mail. (To select these options, simply put the mouse cursor over the box and click to select it.) You will be automatically asked to enter your password for this email account the first time you check for mail.

  • Next click on " Groups server " from the drop down menu for Mail & Groups and enter for "Discussion groups (news) server – .
  • You are now done configuring the browser and email program, hit the "OK" button to exit the preferences, click on "File" and then  exit Netscape.

If you need to create additional profiles simply follow the instruction again. If you do not need to set up any additional profiles and you are finished, simply close out all of the folders to get back to your desktop.

 I will now cover what steps you need to take to get online

To get online, double click on the Netscape icon on your desktop.

  • The modem should dial automatically. After you have established a connection, Netscape will ask you which profile you wish to use. Select the one you wish to use and Netscape will automatically open and you are ready to surf the internet.

 To check for email.

  • Click on the Netscape symbol and highlight messenger. The email program will open automatically. To check your mail, simply click on the "Get Msg" key.



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