Setting Up Multiple Email Accounts With Outlook Express 4.0

1. Open Outlook Express,  go to Tools, then Accounts, then the Mail tab, then the Add button, then Mail. Now just follow the wizard.

2. Display Name = Your Name –(For example Joe Smith).

3. Email address = username (For Example

4. You have a POP3 server and both Incoming and Outgoing servers are

5. Pop account name = username – (For example, joe, then put in your password)

6. Friendly name can be anything. – (For example Joe’s mail)

7. You are using a phone line and the existing dial up account is

8. Then Finish.


Your new email account is set up, but now we must set it to authenticate to send mail.


1.  In Outlook Express,  go to Tools, then Accounts, then the Mail tab

2.  Highlight your email account, then click properties to the right

3.  When this box opens, click on the server tab.

4. Put check mark in box under Outgoing mail that is labeled "My server requires authentication" and then click the settings button at the end of that line.

5. Put dot next to "Log on Using" and then type in your account name and password.  (Hint your account name is just the first part of your email address, so if your email address is you would just type joesmith)

6. Click ok, click apply, then click ok.

7. Click close.

8. If you have any emails waiting to be sent, you must go to the outbox and double click on each message in the outbox and once the message is opened click the send button.


 If you have more accounts to configure, go back to step 1.



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