Configuring your iMac for

Note: The first few screen shots below are slightly different from those on an iMac. Nonetheless the important ones that require information are identical. Continue to the end of this guide and if you have any questions or difficulty, contact Technical Support at (740) 397-4800 or 1-888-895-8648 (9am - 11pm Monday through Friday) and we will be happy to assist you.

The Internet Setup Assistant

Your iMac comes with the Microsoft Internet Explorer preinstalled. This guide will show you how to use the Internet Setup Assistant to configure your iMac for

Open the 'Internet' folder in the Hard Drive. Double-click the 'Internet Setup Assistant' icon and follow the on screen instructions:

  • Click the 'Update' button to continue...

    This information is provided in the steps below. Click the blue arrow to continue.

    Select "Add internet Configuration".

    Name the configuration "".

The "iMac Internal 56k modem" should already be selected on this window. The settings should not be changed unless there is nothing selected.

  • Choose the phone number closest to your area from the list below.

Your IP address is assigned automatically. Select 'No'.

  • Fill in the DNS addresses with the following rows of numbers:



Fill in your email address as shown in the example. Use your username instead of Mickey's. Fill in your password in the password box.

Fill in your email account so it resembles the example.

The SMTP server should be

The news (or NNTP) server is


Click 'Go Ahead' to complete the setup.

Once everything is configured correctly and you choose to connect, you should see these windows and hear your modem dialing.

Contact Technical Support at (740) 397-4800 or 1-888-895-8648 and we'll be happy to answer any questions for you.

Trouble Shooting

  • If your username or password is entered incorrectly, the PPP dialer will not indicate that. It will only say 'connection failed' and will not display information. To correct a mistyped username or missing ".ppp", etc., have the user open the 'Remote Access' Control Panel.



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