's Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a listing of frequently asked questions below broken into four topic headings.  If you see your question below, just click on the it and you will be taken to that  specific topic page.  If you do not see your question,  feel free to email it to us at    

Getting Started

What are the basic computer requirements for using

How is different from other filtering programs?

Can I install on more than one computer?

Can I have and another service on my computer at the same time?

Can I use AOL Instant Messager or ICQ with 

How do I get started with Basics

How fast is, and will I get busy signals?

Do I get unlimited hours?

Can I get newsgroups & chat rooms?

Does host domains?

How do I get my 10mb of personal web space?

What is my email address?

What is my username and password?

How do I get additional email addresses?

Can I check my email if I'm not at home?

Is there a way to check where my Computer Has Been on the Internet?


About Our Filter

Is the Lifeguard Filter 100% foolproof?

Will the filtering system slow down my service?

What gets blocked?

What if a good site is blocked, or a bad site gets through?


Tech Support

Who & When can I call for Technical Support?

What happens if I have call waiting?



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